DEEP WATERHOUSINGS. Hand made Professional Camera Water Housings since 1999.

The Best Quality at the Right Price.

​Australia - Argentina - Brazil - Chile - Colombia - Costa Rica - Ecuador - Fiji - France - Indonesia - Italy - Mexico  New Zealand - Panama - Peru - Samoa - Tahití - Uruguay - Venezuela.

We do not accept returns, as all Deep Waterhousings are custom made and tested  before leaving our workshop.

​Thank you for your understanding.

 ​    ​​​                DEEP WATER HOUSINGS.                                                                                                    PROFFESIONAL ALUMINIUM CONSTRUCTION

Enrique Rodriguez Photo.

We can make any Custom Water Housing For Any Camera ( Photo or Video)


We can make any Port for any Lens:

- Dome Ports

- Flat Ports 

- Flat Ports with Zoom Control


All our Deep Waterhousings are made with:

- Anodized Aluminium 

- Inox Steel

- Technyl

- Polycarbonate 

- Acrylic

- Industrial Powder Coat Paint


We can offer all you need to repair and

to modify your Water Housing.

- Waterproof Seals
- Waterproof Buttons
- Pistol Grip with any connector
- Stainless Steel Shafts

- Technical Support